Pipe Dreams: It’s The Dreams that Seem Impossible That Transform

This series is about finding beauty in things that would easily have been overlooked and dismissed as being just ‘ordinary’ or ‘junk’. And it is about having a vision, about dreaming and daring to wish for the seemingly impossible.

The subject was approached in this way  – moving from relative realistic images to abstractions from those, taking a close look at the subtleties of the subject. In this case the subject is an old cast iron sewer pipe lined with blue/green plastic pipe that was dug up out of our laneway during the relaying of new pipes in our neighbourhood. Many people  have had this disruptive experience and likely had their streets and laneways littered with similar chunks of industrial history. I was fascinated with the textures and colour of the old worn iron and its contrast to the newer lining material, torn and tattered projecting from the end.