By the Edge Series

This series of work derives from an image of a piece of concrete embedded with bricks found on the shore of Lake Huron at Collingwood, Ontario. Unlike the weathered and a hard material of the subject, the paintings employ softer media of watercolour, ink, silk, photo-images printed on silk fibre ‘paper’ and handmade papers, and finished with gold leaf on paper. The images are drawn, painted and assembled. Beginning with a relatively realistic depiction of the found object, the series image goes thorough a number of abstractions that result from drawing a whole image on full sheets of paper and then dividing it into smaller pieces.

In this series, By the Edge works are on full sheets of paper (22 x 30″) ; The By the Edge – Insight pieces are 11 x 14″; and, the By the Edge – Insight Micro pieces 7.5 x 11″.