The Creative and Innovative Team

There is hardly an organisation today that does not cite ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’ as qualities that are essential for the development of product, practice and staff potential. Where we all stumble is in knowing what this looks like, and how to leverage these potentially very powerful competencies in addressing the complex problems we face every day, in organizations of all sizes and purposes.

Our staff development program is dedicated to working with your organization to ignite and foster your group and individual’s ability to think and act creatively to realizing innovative breakthroughs in your business.

Our programs use a combination of:

  • Significant leadership experience in the not for profit, museums and public organization
  • Strong experience in instructing, facilitating and engaging students, adult learners, and corporate learners through innovative arts based programs
  • Current and credible theory and practices in creativity and innovation tools and actions.

Programs can include:

  • Teambuilding activities that are arts based and grounded in in the learning needs of industry and your organization
  • FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Profile – we are the only qualified users of this powerful tool for learning to recognize how you and your team work in situations requiring changed and innovative practice (see below)

The most effective and popular workshops for your team is a full day which includes:

  • Introductory and motivating opening activities
  • Overview of FourSight
  • Administration and self scoring of the FourSight instrument **
  • Debrief of test results
  • Development of team profile
  • Arts based activity designed to apply learning from the testing

** an on-line version of the testing can be done prior to the workshop


FourSight: The Breakthrough Thinking Profile reveals how you approach complex problems. Are you a Clarifier? Ideator? Developer? Implementer?

Awareness can dramatically increase your team and leadership effectiveness

FourSight: A Brief Overview

 FourSight: The Breakthrough Thinking Profile is an assessment designed to help individuals and teams better understand how they approach solving problems through creative thinking.

FourSight helps individuals recognize their natural strengths when solving problems creatively. As people become more aware of their natural tendencies and strengths, they become more adept at employing them. The measure also indicates areas in the creative process that pose a challenge for the individual, thereby illuminating blind spots that may limit personal effectiveness. Once aware of such challenges, individuals can learn strategies to enhance their creative problem-solving skills.

FourSight is also extremely useful for teams. A profile of team members’ scores may help individuals become more tolerant and appreciative of different styles of problem solving. This profile helps team members realize why they behave and interact the way they do when solving problems together. As a result this information improves communication and creates a better working atmosphere.